Are you contagious? I know several pastors who are contagious with COVID 19, but dozens are contagious with their enthusiasm for Covenant Groups in 2021! Last week Shan Wood just launched a new group in Cape Cod, it was remarkable…exceeding all expectations. So much so that Shan is hoping to launch another new group early next year. He’s not alone.

Soul care isn’t for sissies! Some of the strongest guys I know are admitting they don’t know where they would be without their group. When a recent retreat had to be postponed it took one tough guy a week to recover from the soul crushing news. Seriously. He cratered in his disappointment over missing out on the much needed and anticipated refreshment. After listening to his lament, I can only imagine that his wife must have missed him leaving home for his soul care get away even more!

Another sturdy young leader said: “Where else can we go for this? No where!” So, who do you know who needs this quality of soul care? I’m now fielding requests from those interested in joining a group in 2021. Our dream of a national network of soul enriching convent groups is becoming a reality. By my count, I will be mentoring as many as a dozen leaders as they facilitate groups next year. Each of these soul care facilitators knows why this is vital. We’re all about helping pastors to serve well and to finish well by connecting them in safe, soul enriching relationships.

This is a dangerous time to dare to lead on your own. Thom Rainer just wrote: “The vast majority of pastors with whom our team communicates are saying they are considering quitting their churches. It’s a trend I have not seen in my life time…. Pastors are burned out, beaten up, and down trodden. Many are about to quit.”

I’d love to hear if you share my contagious enthusiasm for this expanding movement. As my buddy Cam Huxford just said, “I’d love to see the day when it would be considered ministerial malpractice and a dereliction of pastoral duty for a leader not to be in a covenant group!”  How about you?