Who and what is shaping your heart?

I’m a raving fan of my friends, Dr. John Walker and Dr. Charity Byers with Blessing Ranch Ministry. They are offering their new book Unhindered to my pastor buddies free of charge! When I talked with them in-depth the other day they gave me permission to share this link with you. If you know what’s good for you you’ll take advantage of it!

I hope you’ll check out the link pronto. This I know, your life is no richer than your relationships and your heart is no healthier than those who shape it!

You can also find this by going to availleadership.org/unhindered or unhinderedbook.org

Unhindered: Aligning the Story of Your Heart

The story of your heart has been edited and influenced by myriad sources. Some of these influences—maybe family, friends, or loved ones—have helped write a story that’s in line with the unhindered life God has for you. Others have taken up the pen and added negative influences: pain, fear, doubt, bitterness, and resentment. God’s desire is to be the ultimate author and editor of your heart’s story—to align your heart with the incredible, unhindered life that he crafted specifically for you!

How do we get there? In this book, we’ll share our years of research, discoveries, and insights into the mind and heart. We’ll unpack the Heart Shapers that have formed your story; the Sore Spots that have held you back; the Heart Logic questions that are pivotal to reaching your unhindered life; the biblical truths and strategies that will get you there…and so much more. Aligning the story of your heart isn’t about trying harder, doing more, or being better—it’s about surrendering the pen of your story to God and allowing Him to edit it according to his perfect will.

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