“Where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them” (Matthew 18:20).


We are not seeking to “fix” our brothers or even to hold them accountable; rather, we are devoted to holding each other close.


The purpose of this covenant group is to experience deep, accelerated transformation at the heart level in the context of safe, Christ-centered relationships with fellow pastors.


I commit to the following:
  1. Attend the bi-annual retreats for three years.  I will attend every retreat unless providentially hindered.  I understand I will have to say “no” to important things in order to meet this commitment, and I am willing to do so.
  2. Join in the monthly conference calls.  I will participate in the monthly conference calls to check in with my brothers and to share my heart.
  3. Complete transparency.  I recognize that in order to grow in my own spiritual and emotional health as a pastor, I must openly share my life with this group—the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  4. Finishing well.  I understand that the members of this group will make a significant investment in me.  Since it is unfair to them for me to quit, I will be engaged in the group for the full three years.
  5. Total confidentiality.  I will treat what is shared in our retreats and conference calls as sacred by keeping our conversations to myself.
  6. Leading others.  At some point, I will strongly consider starting a new pastors covenant group to offer this to other pastors.
  7. Prayer for my brothers.  I will regularly pray for my brothers in this group—specifically for God to give them wisdom, endurance, and an increasing hunger for Him.