“I visited Nagasaki, Japan, where 26 Japanese martyrs were crucified for their faith in Christ on February 5, 1597. Over the course of a month, they were forced to trek from Kyoto to Nagasaki, a journey of about 600 miles. When they arrived on the hill where they were to be crucified, one among them wasn’t given a cross because he was only 12 years old. The boy asked, ‘Where is my cross?’ So he became the 26th martyr.

“With the 12 year-old Japanese boy, we are called to ask, ‘Where is my cross?’ How can we lay down our lives in self-giving love for others? When we choose humble acts of service each day, we take up our cross and follow the way of Jesus. The true greatness modeled by Jesus comes in surrendering our privileges as we serve others.”

Ken Shigematsu, Senior Pastor, Tenth Church in Vancouver, British Columbia